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Sergio Vidal Biography and History (english)

Biography and History

Sergio Vidal is a researcher, writer, activist and father of a beautiful 5 years old litle girl. BA in anthropology from the Federal University of Bahia. In 2005 began his research career and antiprohibitionist activist through the Interdisciplinary Group for Psychoactive Studies (GIESP) and in the Interdisciplinary Center for Psychoactive Studies (NEIP). Since then he has expanded his studies of laws and public policies relating to marijuana and other drugs, and visiting different cities across the country to speak at lectures, seminars, conferences and various events on this subject. He has written articles for websites, newspapers, journals and books. He gave interviews and participated in radio and TV, newspapers and magazines. He is President of the Multidisciplinary Association for the Study of Medical Marijuana - AMEMM.

Currículo Lattes


A more complete version of Sergio Vidal career can be found at Lattes. Below is presented a brief timeline of their activities.


Participated as a citizen of the Regional Policy Forum on Drugs, sponsored by the government to consult the population in the drafting of the National Policy on Drugs.


Santo Daime Church (Acre, 2006)
Helped found the Interdisciplinary Group for Psychoactive Substances Studies (GIESP) and register it in the CNPQ Groups Directory, where he began working as a secretary, assisting prof. Edward MacRae, until end of 2008. Working together with Prof. MacRae, won approval of a financial support notice CNPQ a research project to study ayahuasca religions, especially the Santo Daime in the state of Acre.

Vidal beside a vine"jagube" in their natural habitat
 the Amazon rainforest

He participated in an ethnographic expedition to Acre which visited communities in different cities of the state, as part of a research team led by prof. Edward MacRae. The ethnographic work mainly covered the "Céu do Mapiá", (Mapiá Heaven) community, home of Fluent Eclectic Center of the Universal Light Raimundo Irineu Serra - CEFLURIS, Santo Daime Church line currently led by Padrinho Alfredo, son of the Godfather Sebastião, located in the Amazon forest, and CEFLI Church - Eclectic Center Illuminated Lotus, led by Master Counselor Luiz Mendes, located in the municipality of Xapuri. That same year he became Scientific Initiation Scholarship by CNPQ with the research project on the ayahuasca religions. Also published along with the prof. Edward MacRae an article in the Journal of Anthropology of USP.

In June Vidal participated in the organization of a Seminar on Spiritual Trance, promoted in the Federal University of Bahia. In October Brazil approve the new drug Law 11.343 and Decree 5912, which created the National Council for Drug Policy - CONAD, the following month held a debate on the subject. Also this year Vidal joined the team of researchers associated with the Interdisciplinary Center for Psychoactive Studies - NEIP, a group of  anti-prohibitionist scientists and researchers.
"Ritual Maceration of ayahuasca liana"
Picture by Sergio Vidal, 2006, Céu do Mapiá
The research team: Edward MacRae (Anthropologist,
professor at the Federal University of Bahia);
Nelson Martinesi (painter and artist);
 Eric Gornick (biologist).
 Shaving vine, previous step to the maceration.

Created this blog, which was then called Observartório of cannabis, in order to transform it gradually, a site aimed at research and dissemination of information, particularly on cannabis, Harm Reduction and political militancy, stimulating approach students, researchers, activists and others interested in related topics.

Nelson Martinesi (painter and artist); Edward MacRae (Anthropologist,
professor at the Federal University of Bahia); and Vidal
Began acting more intensely for a reform in public policies and laws and in this process, began to promote meetings to discuss the feasibility of conducting the Salvador edition of the Global Marijuana March, but, because we are only 3 person in organization, It was decided that we only do a seminary in the university. In May, with the support of GIESP,  we organized the 1st Seminar "Marijuana in Debate: Public Politics in dialogue with civil society" to mark in Salvador the date of the "Global Marijuana March". Two days full of discussions about marijuana and in the and of the last day, one exposition about marijuana culture. The event was held with great success. at the Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences of the Federal University of Bahia and had the participation of experts from different fields, who for two days talked about different topics. at the end of the event also had a cannabis art exhibition. Listen to the audio event.

The establishment of the CONAD - National Council on Drugs Policies in 2006 gave greater openness to civil society could participate in the development and official debate on drug policy, including the creation of a vacancy for a representative of the National Union of students. Sergio then started the dialogue with the student movement, mainly through the Academic Centre for Social the Federal University of Bahia Sciences, creating the policy committee on drugs, with the participation in different local events on drugs, public policy and legislation that helped to organize their agenda within the UFBA Student Movement and dialogue with other ME sectors.

In July Vidal was invited to attend the 50th Congress of the National Union of Students, where he spoke about the importance of the involvement of the student movement in the discussions on the laws and policies on drugs. Sergio charged UNE greater participation in debate and immediate occupation of the seat reserved for the CONAD entity. Full account of the event.

Beatriz Labate, Maurício Fiore and Sergio Vidal
Drugs: The current debate in Brazil

In October, he participated at the invitation of the National Policy on Drugs - SENAD, the Foundation Seminar Research Network on Drugs. In December it was the São Paulo participate live from MTV Debate Program, which was attended, among others, medical Ronaldo Laranjeira and anthropologist Mauricio Fiore.

In December also participated in a debate on Marijuana Decriminalization of the First Regional Symposium of Criminal Sciences, organized by the Regional Superintedência federal police in Bahia. Also in December Vidal went to Recife, the Marijuana March of the organizing collective invitation to deliver a lecture on the history of marijuana in Brazil at university.

Debate na MTV sobre Legalização da Maconha
Debate about Marijuana Decriminalization in the First Regional Symposium of Criminal Sciences, organized by the Federal Police in Bahia


The anti-prohibitionist movement was gaining increasing visibility, impact and mainly young activists. Many debates have begun to emerge in different parts of the country. In 2008 Vidal became a member of the National Council for Drug Policy, to a representation that lasted until 2010 in the wave of the National Union of Students. In July he attended the meeting Northeast reducers and Reducing Harm and was appointed mobilized Bahia Brazilian Association of Reducing and Reducing Harm (ABORDA). In August he participated in the National Meeting reducers and Narrowing of Danso and became mobilizing the state of the Brazilian Association of Bahia and Reducing Harm Reduction - ABORDA, during the same period. He participated in several debates of the Student Movement in different cities of the country, always focusing his speech on the importance of the involvement of the student movement and youth in the development and implementation of laws and policies on drugs in the country. Sergio also participated in several debates on laws and policies on drugs, harm reduction, user rights, which were related to other sectors of society that not only ME. IN 2008 also became a research associate at the Brazilian Association of Social Studies on the Use of Psychoactive - ABESUP, created in the same year. This is also the year in which it is published the first article on the history of marijuana in Brazil, through the NGO Koinonia, which has operations in Marijuana Polygon.

In August Vidal went to Rio de Janeiro present a paper on the regulation of domestic cultivation of marijuana as harm reduction strategy in Multidisciplinary Congress of the Brazilian Association of Drug Studies.

But 2008 was also a very difficult year for the anti-prohibitionist movement. Actions were filed by prosecutors in almost every state where they had scheduled Marijuana Marches. There was only the event in Manaus and Recife. Sergio Salvador and other activists have suffered a lot from this legal and political blow. Vidal came to be subpoenaed to provide clarification on the police station and Toxic Narcotic, current Bureau of Narcotics, which was heard. Professor Edward MacRae, the researcher Luana Malheiro and other activists also gave evidence to the police at the time.

The impact on all media outlets was very large and part of the history of the Forbidden March in Salvador turned to comics:

The prohibition of Marijuana March in Salvador also spawned a debate on Educational TV station affiliated to the State of Bahia, where Vidal participated next to the prof. Edward MacRae and jurist Miguel Calmon.

In late 2008 Vidal also worked with the Collective Balance, which promotes reduction of shares of Risks and Damage, education and care for people who use drugs in the Festival of Art and Culture Universe Electronics Paralello.


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